Hi, Dear clever students, I hope your well ,we are going to talk about wonderful ideas in our great book , which contains 63 brilliant episode , let's begin , festivals ,useful language, family celebrations , Eid Al Adha in Syria , The Dragon Boat festival , grandmother celebrates return from Hajj , artistic expression , an informal invitation , giving a factual talk , coffee , coffee houses , discussing conditions , stress in phrases , arranging to meet , creating a leaflet , Abo Qubeis Reserve , the National Museum of Damascus , the media , broadcasting , television -watching , habits , uses of cameras , relative clauses , a new way of building what makes a good TV channel , communicating , definite and indefinite articles , the history of writing , ways of writing , on the phone , doing an English language survey , Being prepared , the planet in danger , the power of nature , , accidents , inventions that keep us secure , describing an accident , environmental schemes in Syria , an open letter , natural threats and disasters, travel nature reserve , culture sport , “The Climb” by John Escott , what is literature , what is poetry , William Shakespeare , John Keats biography , Figures of speech , metaphor , simile , personification , what is Drama , Irony ,verse , what is fiction , short story , novels , Shakespeare’s theatrical Genius , Charles Dickens .I hope to get interesting information and new creative ideas , see you take care.

Questions that enable you fixing what you’ve learned throughout the episodes, they also measure and evaluate your memorization by determining the percentage of your correct answers


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