Hi, Dear brilliant students, how is your day, I hope you are ok , we are going to explain some interesting ideas in our amazing book, that contains 34 episodes let's get started, , culture building for future , we are what we eat , breakfast around the world , eating in Syria style and society , planes to eat , the arts , what is an oud , a Syrian oud player, Ibn Battuta , Ibn Khaldoun , discussing plans for a new airport , five days in Aleppo, free time , computer games , fast forward to the future games ,a special zoo, Al Talila , a formal letter , it is competition time , power , the alternative , money , strong and heavy , do you really have to drive , future shock , smart clothes , fact and fiction , messages , A flying stories a woman of distinctions , Build pilot will fly round Britain literature I hope to get helpful information, I hope you get brilliant future 

Questions that enable you fixing what you’ve learned throughout the episodes, they also measure and evaluate your memorization by determining the percentage of your correct answers


E-book: offers several advantages for student, such as: providing the revised curriculum, interesting use and easy browsing and dealing.