Hi, Dear excellent students, how are you today ,we are going to speak about amazing ideas in our great book , which contains 25 brilliant episode , let's go , writing stories and poems, we often come to the library , talking about books and routines, the weather in Africa , animals of the forest , explorers, the story of queen Zenobia,Tal shihab waterfalls, Syria , what jobs do people do in the city and country, football match , the sun and earth, Al Tali-la Nature Reserve ,the northern Bald Ibis, the rain forest in South America , cooking in the kitchen , squirrels in the forest , musical instruments .The silk road festival ,playing chess, Ghada Shouaa, stamps ,explore Arwad Island,I hope to get helpful information , I hope you beautiful future

Questions that enable you fixing what you’ve learned throughout the episodes, they also measure and evaluate your memorization by determining the percentage of your correct answers

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E-book: offers several advantages for student, such as: providing the revised curriculum, interesting use and easy browsing and dealing.